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25 March 2013 @ 06:15 pm
[sticky post] Friends?  

Friends (Mostly)

I keep any identifying information (extensive work/family talk, photos, anything "sensitive," etc.) behind a Friend's Lock. I will friend most people, provided they drop me a line first.

Updated:  4/4/2015


This is a personal journal; I write primarily about my life, my personal creative projects, and issues that are important to/pertain to me.  I'm not overtly political, but be aware that I lean pretty far left, I identify as a feminist, queer, trans* positive, sex positive, and body positive.  Misogyny, slut-shaming, homo-/bi-/trans- phobia, and body-shaming have no place in my journal.

I am trying to get back in the habit of posting more and sharing more "dynamic" content; I love cooking, and used to share recipes, photographs, media, etc., and I would love to get back into that.  I also adore memes, but not of the Buzzfeed "What Ninja Turtle are You?!?" variety -- I love 100 photo challenges, A Day in the Life, music and lyric memes, prompting memes, etc., and participate in those occasionally as well.

I do post photos of myself, but only under Friend's Lock.


My name is Jessica, I'm 32 years old, and I live in Massachusetts.  I work in Special Education and in my spare time, I write, blog, craft (paper crafts, clay, jewelry making), work out, cook, and do all manner of fannish activities (more on that later).

I identify as a cisgendered woman (though I have a ~complicated relationship with my gender), queer, and I've been married to a (cis)man since July 2010. He and I welcomed our first child, Nathan Benedict, in December of 2014. Parenting talk will be tagged and cut, but for reference, we believe in a style of gender-neutral, sex- and body-positve, and queer-friendly parenting.

I unceremoniously (and a little bit unintentionally) abandoned an M.Ed. in Special Education, because of contractual issues and financial concerns. I work in public high school and I enjoy it, though I am open to more non-traditional teaching venues and (in a perfect world) would love to work with at-risk LGBT youth or work as a theraputic mentor or creative writing teacher. Currently I am unofficially a transitional aide, primarily working with kids on the autism spectrum as we prepare to "wean" them off a one-on-one aide. I also offer classroom support where I am responsible for remediation/small group/individual instruction and advocacy for students on IEPs.

I fancy myself a creative person, but I know myself to be an undisciplined scatter-brain as well.  I make jewellery, design t-shirts, decoupage, make cards and collages, and occassionally crochet.  I am decent at all of these, and a master at none.  I'm okay with this. Currently I'm slowly working on a scrapbook for my baby, and some decorative projects.

I am an active fan and write fanfic, participate in forums, blog, cosplay (badly), and attend conventions.  I do not ask that you share or even understand my enthusiasm, but that you respect it.  My biggest current fandoms are listed in my User Interests.  I do have a fandom Tumblr; you may ask for it if you'd like.